Implementing Switch Case in Python

Implementation of Switch case in Python is quite different from switch case in a traditional programming language. Switch case is important for many situations where you need to do different flow for different values of the variable. A usual switch case in other programming languages will be like: // switch statement switch(variable/expression) { case value1 :… Read More »

Python program convert HTMLto PDF

Recently I was in a situation where I have to convert a large number of HTML files or webpage HTML response to PDF files. Here I will share the python program that I used to convert those HTML to PDF. We will be using two packages pdfkit and wkhtmltopdf to convert the HTML files to PDFs.… Read More »

Python program to Merge PDF

To merge PDF there are numerous tools available the internet. But all the tools come with some limitations. Some add watermarks and some limits the number of pages to merge. So I wrote a simple python program to merge multiple single page PDF files in a folder to a single merged PDF. This program takes… Read More »