Introduction to Blogging for Beginners: Blogging Tutorial

By | December 24, 2018

Blogging is the practice of sharing knowledge, information, and idea over a medium to other people. This is my definition of blogging. Blogger is a person who shares the contents of the blog and maintains the blog activities.

In this Blogging tutorial for Beginners , we will see some basic terms every blogger should aware of and introduction about hosting, domain name. content and SEO.

Some commonly used words across the Blogging world is,

Content Writer is a person who writes articles in the Blog.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) plays a crucial role in blogging. SEO means optimizing your posts and contents for more search engine appearances and engagements.

Niche means a specific field or topic. Niche Blogs aimed at providing some specific topic related contents.

Adsense is the Google Ad network to show ads in your blog. Some other alternatives are also available for Adsense as its hard to get Adsense approval.

eBooks most of the Content writers have the habit of selling eBooks. They create an aggregated pdf of their contents and release them as an eBook to its users. This is a way of making money for some bloggers and some do it as a giveaway.

Affiliate marketing is the most promising way for bloggers for income. Not only bloggers, all the influencers make money by this.

Email List is the list of subscribers that you have got for your blog who are ready to read the contents you send them via email. It’s almost like a youtube subscription.

WordPress is the most commonly used platform for blogging. You can use WordPress platform subdomain or you can install WordPress on your domain. Using an individual domain and hosting is highly recommended for better results. However, there are other platforms like blogger, Medium, Quora, LinkedIn and many other platforms that also provides a free medium for blogging.

How to choose the right domain name for your blog?


To choose the right domain name for your blog some people suggest for domain name suggestion tools. But I don’t recommend you because I don’t feel it lively and it just manipulates words that we give. These tools won’t give catchy innovative words which are highly recommended to attract users. Try different words if the domain you are looking in unavailable. Try to avoid special characters. Always try to stick with .com

So why do some people still prefer the tools still? SEO. Yes, your domain name somehow contributes a fraction in SEO. For example, you cannot write about food recipes in some domain with tech name.

Do we need the keywords mandatory in the domain name for SEO? A big no but don’t and words with a different niche. Top blogs like labnol, shoutmeloud, neilpatel are such examples.

At the end content in your blog is going to speak. Besides, there is some reason to choose the domain with the niche keywords.

choose domain name seo

SEO: As said above Google and other search engines loves keywords and ranks pages based on them. If you are blogging about something selecting a keyword including that gives you a good score.

For example, if blogging about fashion domain names like fashionbox, trendscorner could be better.

User-Friendly: When your site appears on Google or on any other platform first thing people notice after post title is site name. So if someone searches about some tech gadget they will mostly click on sites with a name like techguru, techreviews than names like chrisblog.

Also, users can easily remember your site names easily so that they can come directly.

Also, keep in mind

Always give .com a high priority

Yes, a lot of domain extensions are available and Google shows all of them. But users don’t see them in the same way.

Go for regional country domain only if you have some restriction or specific reason. Don’t go for new extensions like .io even though it’s not that bad because it’s also a country based domain.

Free or less paid domains like .xyz, .ml are highly not recommended.

Short Domain Name is actually good to remember and easy for users to type.

Avoid spelling complexity when you try to give a fancy name. Double letters, numbers, wrong spellings(intentionally for choosing available domains) are better to avoid.


What is the right blogging platform for you?

The number of blogging platforms in the market is quiet enough to confuse you with choosing the right blogging platform for you. Many social sites started providing blogging feature to increase their content and value.

Let’s start with some famous and reliable ones for most of the people,

right blogging platform

This is the blogging platform ruling the blogging world. It’s a free open source blogging platform which you can install on your hosting server almost in few clicks.


  • You will get thousands of plugins, themes which can help you in customizing the site extensively.
  • WordPress plugins enable you to handle e-commerce, forums, galleries and so on your site. remains the top suggested blogging platform of all time.
  • Suitable for all kind of bloggers.


  • The disadvantage is you must have a domain and host to use this platform.
  • Lots of customizing options have made the tool heavy to run.



right blogging platform medium

Medium is a simple and awesome platform for blogging with best UI. It is comparatively younger than its rivals and yet powerful. It provides some premium features also. Best suited for people who look for quality people to connect.


  • Best UI design and feel. Amazingly fast. Great editor to write posts.
  • More than a blogging platform, its like twitter for bloggers
  • You can create publications and add authors to it.
  • Free for use and you don’t need to pay to write.


  • Have to pay to get the application in your domain. You don’t even get a subdomain for free.
  • Users cannot show ads in their blogs. You cannot customize the UI.



right blogging platform blogger

One of the common and well-known platforms among bloggers. Its owned by Google, which guarantees some standard like speed and UI. Suitable for starters with no budget.


  • Free for the life with the subdomain. You just need to pay only for the domain if you want in your domain name.
  • You can monetize with Adsense.



  • Cant customize UI and limited features.

right blogging platform wordpress-com is more or less the same as Blogger.

It provides a paid version for more Storage, Themes, and Custom Domain.



right blogging platform ghost

Ghost is a blogging platform with limited features on writing blog posts. It’s created by Ex WordPress Employee, as a Kickstarter project. It’s available as a hosted platform and also as a software that you can install in your host.


  • Focussed only on blogging and avoids overloads
  • Modern languages made it super fast to run
  • Good User Interface


  • Not suitable for business blogging
  • Lack of customization and complex to setup



right blogging platform joomla

It’s also an open source content management system matured enough as WordPress. Similar to you need a host and domain to use it.


  • Good number of themes and add-ons to use the site as multiple purpose site.
  • Free to install


  • The development community is not as big as WordPress which limited no of add-ons comparing WordPress.
  • Have to handle site operations and securities manually.


Other Blogging Platforms

Besides these, there are other social platforms like Quora, LinkedIn, and Tumblr were offering blogging option. These platforms are used for specific business or targetted audiences.

Site building software like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace are also used for blogging in free and paid versions.


How to choose perfect hosting for your blog

For beginners choosing perfect hosting provider and plan is always a huge task. So this post is to show how to choose a perfect host for your blog.

If you are using or Blogger or Medium for blogging then there are no confusions for you because they provide best in class services.

But if you are using or Drupal or any other custom made CMS tool then you have to be careful in choosing the right hosting.

So here are the key factors to consider while buying a hosting,

Speed, Uptime, and Support

Foremost of all is speed, uptime and the customer support provided for its customer. If the page speed is slow, then it will affect your site rank and user experience.

Don’t go for PRO plan Directly

If you are a beginner and you are sure that you are not going to dump huge media on your blog don’t go for plans with a high price. So if you go successfully you can easily upgrade your plans

Buy for Long Term

Most of the beginners do a mistake here most of them buy one year plan and at the end of one year, they will seek another hosting. This will be a huge problem at one stage.

All hosting providers will provide only offers for the first buy. So its always best to buy for a long time in the first order itself. You will also get a more fare reduction for a long-term purchase.

Free Domain

Most of the good hostings like Bluehost, Inmotion hosting provides a free domain name for the first year.

Free SSL

Google is now planning to make SSL(https) for sites mandatory now. Having an https domain has a lot of benefits like customer trust, Google ranking advantage, and security.

Hostings like Bluehost and Inmotion hosting are now providing were currently providing free SSL for shared hosting also. No wonder other hostings may also provide the same in future.

Email Restrictions

Make sure the email plans provided by the hosting will meet your requirement if you have a good email list. If you are about to have a business blog or email you have to be more careful with the email options. Else you will end up paying more for emails.

Renewal Price

Renewal price is the reason why you have to go for long-term plans in new purchase itself. Many sites provide huge discounts and renewal prices will be higher so its good to consider renewal price also.

Recommended Hosting

So for beginners highly recommended hosting is Hostinger . If you find any other hosting with good benefits please comment. I use Hostinger for all my sites and I much better than all others. Use the Link for Special offer.


Ideas for Blog posts


If you start blogging without any ideas for blog posts, in a few days you will not know what to write on your blog. Particularly if you are in beginning without a long run plan or without any sticky niche then you have to come across this stage to be successful.

To start with blogging you must be familiar with something in which you can write a good number of articles that were valuable enough to get readers.

What to write in a blog? Do and Don’t

Most of the newbies think that niche sites will limit their content volumes which is a completely wrong statement.

For example, if you are going to write about photography you are not going to stop with only photography techniques you can also write about editing, cameras and so on. You will always get new topics to write about.

This is called “Write about what you are Passionate about”

If you are open to writing about many things the problem starts from selecting domain itself. You will face SEO issues. Finally, the content issue will show up. After a few articles, you will hop over topics and you will drop eventually.

So its always better to write about what you do.


Ideas for Blog Posts

It’s really hard to get ideas for posts if are writing about something if you are currently not doing it even though you are once expertise in that. Because your mind will not be able to accept that as a great idea to write about.

Writing about current work is much easier and you can come up with regular ideas. Other people will also look for the same thing over the internet.


Business blogs and blogging about other business

Many business blogs are quite famous and are more in search appearances. Buffer and Hubspot are such business blogs. So business people can simply write about their business if you are interested which drives your traffic for your business too.

If you are willing to write about other business or sites or software or product you can simply go ahead and start. Because every business will constantly keep on updating and people will look forward to it.

For example, if you are writing about McAfee antivirus or BlueHost you can write about its new features, rivals, alternatives, offers, reviews and related topics.

So there are no bounds in niche sites. Feel free to write about what you like and know.

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